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Our World versus Yours…

Welcome back and I’m a little embarrassed to say.. Happy New Year lol.

Yes, this is true, first blog of a very busy year for me. Again, a big thank you to those of you following my journey, I appreciate it more than you know. I hope it’s been a great start to the year for you all, this year is all about laying foundations for me and lots of change which can be a little scary but I’ve decided to jump right in and face it head on. I am dedicating this blog to a very special person in my life, my Brother in Law Craig. He was the inspiration for what I’m writing about here today, so only fair he gets a mention.

I want to talk about how it sometimes seems like there are two separate worlds to me and how this is also perceived by others. When I finally took the plunge and started working as a Professional Intuitive full time, I was on a quest to educate the world so that I felt more comfortable with my choice. Back then people from our industry told me this would change and it has, until recently when it was pointed out to me, I slid into that place where I just assumed everyone knows and understand the world I live and work in, guess what, not the case.

So following the theme of how my Facebook Page has evolved I will be educating you all today, well those of you who need it.

Let’s start with the basics, the difference between a Psychic and a Mediumship Reading.
Psychics can read in a number of different ways, but generally they tend to read you pretty much and by this I mean your Aura. This doesn’t mean that all Psychics read this way though. Many of them will use tools that are generally some kind of Tarot or Angel Cards. There are many other tools but I am keeping this basic. So, what does a Psychic reading look like, well the cards play a part in paving the order and structure of the reading and then the Psychic will use their intuitive ability to tap into you or your Aura which will give them substance to what they are picking up in the cards.

The majority of information will focus on the past, present and future of your life including, relationships, children, love, career, money and special events. The older version of a Psychic Reader is referred to as a Fortune Teller. The really important education piece around Psychic Readings that not many Psychics provide is this; you have free will and can change the outcome or future of that reading very easily. What a lot of Psychics don’t tell you is that the some of the future they see for you, is what is available to you, not what is definitely going to happen for you. When something is available to you, it means there will still be some action required on your behalf. This doesn’t mean getting caught up in the detail and making it happen, it means, having the faith, sometimes taking a leap or making one slight change to allow this to come to you. There will always be a compromise, big step, hard decision or something that resembles this, to set it in motion.

Mediumship Readings are a little different. Most Mediums will read through a practice called Psychometry which is purely just asking you for a personal item, normally jewellery, holding onto it, tapping into your energy and calling in your loved ones from the other side. Now, when we ask to hold onto a personal item, many people will bring something from the person they wish to get in contact with (passed over). This is fine, but it’s your energy we are trying to tune into, not theirs, so don’t go out of your way to find something of theirs, something you wear every day will be fine. The purpose of the reading can be very different to that of a Psychic Reading because most people will come with expectations of getting in contact with a specific loved one who has passed on and hearing specific things. However, in saying this, sometimes they are just open to the messages of any of their loved ones that come through. So when you hear people say “I talk to Dead People”, this is Mediumship.

Ok, so let’s step it up a notch. All Mediums are Psychics but not all Psychics are Mediums. Which means that we don’t all talk to Dead People, just the really weird ones like me lol. I also perform my Psychic Readings a little differently, I will meditate and ask for messages for you before you arrive and will generally have about 3 pages of information about you before you even walk in my door. These messages might come from your loved ones on the other side, your guides or my guides, depending on who is around. This is a great way to practice reading I find because you have credibility as soon as your client walks in, you can see they are wondering, “How did you know all of this about me before I even arrived”.

That’s pretty much it for lesson one on my world versus yours, but please feel free to message me through my website or on my facebook page if there is a topic you would like me to discuss. Please also feel free to leave any comments on this one.
Thanks again for connecting with me…



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