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Defining Who You Are

Hi my name is Brooke Starr I’m an Intuitive Artist, Holistic Counsellor, Healer and an Advanced Liquid Crystals Practitioner. I’ve always found it extremely hard to define who I am, I struggle to say I am this or I am that, to me, I really just Am! I believe we are all so unique we can’t really be put in a box. Each of us are unique stars with a unique message for the world.

When I was little my Dad always called me Brooke Starr so when I grew up and became an Artist and Healer I adopted this as my name. It reminds me of my inner child, the part of me which exists beyond me, but within me, the me who always plays and is more than happy to paint whatever I feel whenever I feel it. The first painting I ever produced as an intuitive Artist, felt like I was being guided the whole time, it was gentle and beautiful and a unique experience I will never forget.

I put down the paint brush for a little while after a big project I had undertaken I painted 46 paintings in 4 months for a lady I was doing a numerology course with. She also ran a Goddess workshop. Looking back I gave her my powerfrom the start, and I say ‘gave’ in bold, it was not taken from me. I offered to do them for free as it was my first big project ever. I assumed it would be a collaboration but it wasn’t at all, “I assumed” was a key lesson for me. She gave me the card names and the words and I painted what I felt, she then wrote a book to go with the cards. I paid to get the photographs taken of my paintings and paid for all the materials, canvas, paints and endless hours of work to do that many paintings. I had to fight with her to have my name on the book as the artist…… she felt the paintings meant nothing without her words….. I felt differently as without the pictures, there were no cards.

She had an event coming up and as an olive branch, offered me a discount to work from her stand for the period of the event, which was $500, so I agreed, thinking this was a good deal. Only to find out when I arrived that other people selling their things were there for free. When I arrived, and saw her stand, my images were on everything, her paperwork, up on screens and a painting I did for her was on stage. I wasn’t flattered at all, I felt exposed and uninformed, I had no idea of the impact it would have on me, seeing my work splashed around like it was hers. Art is special to me, it has an energy of its own, it’s important and I felt abused seeing my feelings and expressions splashed around without my consent.

defining-who-you-are-2 I then had to buy my own cards to add some more insult, I assumed she would send me them first being the artist and all…… “again assumed”.

I then read in her book she stated the images had come to her, “in her minds eye” and I had just painted what she had visioned! Arrrrrggghhh, this was so untrue and it really hurt. I was having a hard time in my life as well at the time, so the snowball effect had begun and depression quickly followed. It really took everything I had and in the process I gave my power away along with my paintings. People would say you made money from the paintings, so what’s the big deal? The big deal was I felt taken advantage of, and I only had myself to blame. I did sell the paintings for money but the lesson more valuable to me was the journey. By making the decisions I did, I chose to see myself as second best, this took away from my identity and my self-worth and essence and I forgot who I was.

I had to find myself again. I had learned many valuable lessons, ‘everyone makes mistakes’, ‘I need to look out for me’, and most importantly don’t assume anything! That one little chip of not valuing me by saying I would paint for free, was the beginning of a catalyst to learn about personal power and putting others above myself. It’s ok to make mistakes, it’s OK to stuff things up, it’s ok to get angry and feel emotional but above all I learned I am responsible for my actions and none of it felt right, but I did nothing about it until I exploded and left myself in pieces I would later have to collect and pull myself together again.

Thankfully, I found me again, when I stumbled across The Liquid Crystals by Justin Asar. I just moved from Melbourne to Queensland, and a friend knowing how much I loved crystals told me about a course in Liquid Crystals, so I brought The Liquid Crystals Oracle and I went along to the course and have never turn back. The most amazing modality I have ever experienced. I would do Liquid Crystal healings and readings everyday if I could. Everyone who knows me knows I always talk about Liquid Crystals. I really believe they have been gifted to the earth, from the earth, for our children, and the children within us all.

Doing this work has helped me regain the confidence to pick up my brush again because my inner child would  not let me forget my essence. When I was little I always loved art class more than anything else and always felt I should have become an artist much earlier in my life. I know now I had not listened to my child within whispering to me, “You are an artist”. I found it very difficult to call myself an Artist without having an art degree, but the older I am, and the more I have lived, I realise we are all artists in our own way, and sharing our unique style of art is an expression, and in judging my own art I was really just  judging myself.

Picking up a brush and dipping it into a beautiful colour of paint, merging it with other colours to create something magical, is my favourite thing to do, and yet I hadn’t always made time for it. However, when I stopped giving myself a hard time for this I realised we Express when we need to, and it can’t be in a 9 til 5 timeframe. It really is just when we are called to from within to express outwardly. Now looking at my painting I can tell those I have painted which are directly from my spirit’s expression, and the ones which were planned and hard work for me because they came from my mind and thoughts, instead of my feelings. It’s very interesting to me that those my paintings others love, are always the ones that are true spirit, truly divine and from the heart. I have created some beautiful cards of my own and I feel great about it!! So by doing all those suffering paintings and having all those lessons in the end, I took my power back and I have never felt stronger!

If you need some advice around finding yourself, some lessons in Intuitive Art or a Healing or Liquid Crystals session, please contact Brooke at: She is one of the fantastic team at – 07 5520 2213.


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