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Getting Real About “Living The Dream”

So some might say in this very second I am finally “Living the Dream” and I would have to agree. But this is definitely up for debate, depending on how we interpret “the dream”. My dream was always to open my own Retreat in the Hinterland with practitioner rooms and a huge space for gatherings, mediation and amazing and inspiring guest speakers. We had a fire pit out the back and cabins for the guests of the workshops. It would be a sanctuary for people to come to on the weekend who wanted a dose of what we were offering. We would have a small café where you could eat delicious food and socialise with your friends. Sounds good huh, well this is the short version.

Six short weeks ago my “dream” finally materialised, but not in the way I thought it would. I was helping another friend on her journey of finding her special space in Burleigh and much to my surprise this beautiful space I now call my second home jumped out at me. From the minute I walked outside the space I knew I was guided there, it looked and felt very “me” and if it was to be mine the universe would initiate that easy flow and let this transpire for me. I wouldn’t have to exert too much effort and everything would fall into place. And that’s exactly what happened.

So here I am in a beautiful space in James Street, Burleigh Heads, after many long days and sleepless nights, we pulled it off. We opened in three weeks and we did it so well. When I say we I mean my beautiful husband who worked tirelessly, my close friends who couldn’t help out enough, and a team of professional people I paid for their services but it never seemed quite enough because they were right there beside me whether it was 11pm or 6am. They were in it with me.

So no, it’s not a Retreat in the Hinterland but it’s everything I wanted and now see as a stepping stone to the bigger dream. My point being, if it doesn’t look exactly like “the dream” then perhaps it’s the first step on the journey to YOUR dream. And in light of this, perhaps it’s time that you “Get Real” about what that is.

When I ask what “Living the Dream” means to a lot of people, I hear them say things like this:
“I will inherit an enormous amount of money and travel the world, I will live on a yacht just off the Greek Islands and spend my days eating good food, drinking great wine and entertaining my friends.”

Now as great as that sounds, it’s not really what this blog is about. When I say “Living the Dream” I’m talking more about finally getting to do what it is you have always wanted to, that thing you love, that thing which lights a fire within you. Living your passion, being able to pay the bills doing this and only this, and finally feeling settled about it as a career, rather than the lifeless job you have spent the last 20 years in.

It doesn’t mean you are making ridiculous amounts of money or working 3 days a week. It just means you love what you do; it inspires you so much you work ridiculous hours but have endless energy for it. You might only be breaking even at first, but you have a vision of success and you give everything to that. At the end of the day you are right where you are supposed to be, and you have unlimited amounts of faith in your success and you have left FEAR in your wake.

Take it from someone who has earned a lot of money in stressful high level jobs in the past. It paid for a lifestyle I was always too sick or exhausted to appreciate. I never spent enough time with the people I really loved, being with (my family), and when I did, it could never be called quality time, but most importantly, I wasn’t truly happy. So here’s my point .. When you get real about “Living the Dream” there are some things you need to ask yourself, and it looks like this:

1. What is that one thing I would like to spend my days doing if money, status or lifestyle didn’t interfere with this decision? What lights your fire, what do you have inspiration for, so much so that you don’t need motivation?

2. When I interpret this into a living, what does that look like? Is it actually doing it? Teaching it? Operating / owning a business about this? Or all of the above?

3. Am I currently committed to practicing whatever this is? Have I started dabbling in this on the side as a business? Where am I at with this one thing I really want to do?

4. What short term and long term goals do I need to set, to get me to “Living the Dream”? Do I need to study more, seek work experience opportunities, volunteer or just research what everyone else is doing in this space and find my “point of difference”.

5. Lastly, what are you willing to give up, to have this? Your fear? Your ways of thinking? Your lack of confidence in it?

Still struggling with this and need some coaching, then contact us at Inspire Innovative Therapies on 07 5520 2213. We offer a range of coaching options, including Skype Sessions if you are finding it difficult to get out of the house, or are one of our many interstate or international clients.


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