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The lump in your throat


Here I am again and yes it’s been a while, I feel like I apologise every time I write one of these because it really is very sporadic. But what can I say, I’m feeling it today. The exciting part about this blog is I will be recording this as a video and posting on my social media sites for those of you who would rather see me speak than read. As per usual, if you would like me to talk about any specific topics, please email me through my website at



So today I was doing a mini reading for a very good friend of mine and her guides asked me to explain my “lump in the throat theory”. This made me laugh because you can imagine what it’s like having every dead person in town knowing everything about you including your thoughts. But after I explained this to my friend she thought it would be good to share with all of you, so here it is….

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I have been “fine tuning” my abilities in this space for the best part of 12 years. Looking back, during this time I was given a lot of signs from my guides, loved ones on the other side and my body to help me but I really didn’t understand what was happening. I always had the ability to do this work, however, I didn’t have any real education in it and so I would make up my own references to the “freaky” stuff that was going on. The “lump in my throat” was just another one of these.

So what do I mean by this? Well like most other females on the planet I kissed A LOT of frogs before I met my Prince Charming. During this time I learned that as females we love deeply and we want the happily ever and sometimes, desperately. So when we are in a relationship we think really has potential and all of a sudden we start to see signs of things which could threaten this happiness, we ignore them and decide we can change or fix that one thing or multiple things, so everything can be perfect. That sign for me EVERYTIME, was a physical lump in my throat; it would cause me pain, make it hard for me to swallow and sometimes I would even lose my voice.

Today I see this for what it is, “the relationship was causing me pain, I couldn’t swallow that one thing I was covering up, and I was losing my voice in the relationship.” See we have these magical energy centres in our body called Chakras and they will make themselves known when we are ignoring something which is not allowing us to be our authentic selves. So even though I didn’t know this back then, I linked this feeling with the fact that when it came up there would always be something with the person I would want to change, or wouldn’t be able to cope with. This was also a really good sign to let me know who Mr Right was; he was the first one I never experienced that “lump in my throat” with.

I see the Chakra signs for people I read for everyday and I let them know they need to address whatever is happening in their life to cause this, before these signs turn physical. If I had stayed in any of those relationships, imagine the illness my throat may have endured, this is what happens when we ignore the signs for a really long time.

So my point is this, your intuition and your body will tell you everything you need to know if you learn how to tune into it and just listen. Chakra charts are available on the internet for free, get reading and learning about the signs you could be missing, and make your life a little easier. xx




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