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The Revolving Door Relationship

This blog is for everyone – but in particular those people looking for love! So many times I have done a reading for someone who continues to have the same experiences over and over.

Some people might refer to them as mistakes and some might see them as lessons. In any case, there is a large proportion of people who seem to be “stuck in a revolving door” when it comes to relationships. A lot of times people leave a relationship which hasn’t worked, where they haven’t been valued or felt worthy, then end up in another similar relationship very soon after again.

So why is this? Because often, the problem is with us. We don’t see our own worth or demand respect, we don’t put ourselves first.

Energetically we are letting people know it’s ok to treat us in the same way. When was the last time you really got honest with yourself about how much you honour, value and respect yourself as a person? As I keep saying time and time again, the most scientific part of what a Psychic Medium does is the premise of “Like attracts Like”. This means whatever you put out there into the universe or onto other people, will be returned to you. It’s pretty much guaranteed!

I’m sure everyone can relate to a relationship where the person you are with no longer looks at you the same or treats you the same way? Automatically we blame them, rather than looking at our place in this. If you are not making yourself a priority and honouring yourself, you are teaching others to do the same. If you are putting it out into the universe that you will settle for someone who treats you the same way you treat yourself, guess what? The next person who comes along, is attracted to your energy, will have the same behaviour as the last. This is because nothing has changed about you!

So let me just say this. If you have recently ended a relationship or are in the process of doing so, make sure you carry out an “emotional health check” on yourself before rushing into another.

This means sitting down and getting real with yourself, asking YOU the hard questions and being honest about how you really feel about you.

What is different about you now, and the you before your last relationship, what do you want to get back? Who do you want to be with in your next relationship, who will complement you? What does that look like? Most importantly, what makes you, you?

And remember, there is no relationship on the planet which exists that is worth you cashing in that very unique part of you which gives you your spark. And I guarantee you, if you go into your next relationship resolutely being true to yourself and not compromising, you will enter a relationship where your partner will respect your boundaries and appreciate you and everything about you!

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